Commit 03fda62a authored by Jeremy Harris's avatar Jeremy Harris

Fix coloring of auto-wscale change note

parent 9d6d8924
......@@ -2735,10 +2735,10 @@ nextrpc:
else if (winend < otherdir->seq)
{ /* had data exceeding even the updated window */
plotter_temp_color(to_tsgpl, retrans_color);
if (thisdir->tcpw < 14)
{ /* increase our assessment of wscale */
char buf[16];
plotter_temp_color(to_tsgpl, retrans_color);
snprintf(buf, sizeof(buf), "wscale->%d", ++thisdir->tcpw);
plotter_text(to_tsgpl, current_time, SeqRep(otherdir,winend), "a", buf);
thisdir->tcpw_hold = 8;
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