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Additional queue documentation.

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......@@ -37,7 +37,7 @@
+-------------+ | | +--------------+
|courieresmtpd| -----| +------+ +----------+ |----> | courieresmtp |
+-------------+ | | | | | | +--------------+
+--->|submit| --> | courierd |--+
+--->|submit| --> | courierd |--+
+-------------+ | | | | | | +--------------+
| courierdsn | -----/ +------+ +----------+ |----> | courierdsn |
+-------------+ | +--------------+
......@@ -557,6 +557,15 @@
<p>The envid of this message, as specified in RFC1891. If this
record is missing, no ENVID was specified</p>
<p>The 'M' record contains this message's "message id."</p>
<p>The 'i' record specifies the name used to authenticate the
sender, if authentication was provided.</p>
<p>'x' is either 'F' or 'H', specifying FULL or HDRS in the RET
......@@ -569,6 +578,10 @@
time, the message gets bounced. "tttttt" would be the time in
seconds, as returned by the time() system call.</p>
<p>Expiration time of this message, for the fax module.</p>
<p>When to send a warning message to the sender, if the message
......@@ -660,6 +673,52 @@
ESMTP to another <em>Courier</em> server, only one copy of VERPed messages
are sent.</p>
<p>The 'v' record recordss the vhost argument given to submit,
or the domain of authuser if no argument was given on the command
<p>The 'X' record indicates that the message has been cancelled,
and records the reason given for cancellation.</p>
<p>The 'A' record indicates the timestamp of the next scheduled
delivery attempt.</p>
<p>The simple 'm' record indicates that the message has 8-bit
<p>The 'L' record indicates a delay before the first delivery
attempt, in the format of the queuetime configuration setting.</p>
<p>The 'U' record flags messages that use Courier's SECURITY virtual
E-mail network extension.</p>
<p>The 'u' record indicates the message source (local, smtp,
authsmtp, etc).</p>
<p>The simple 'T' record indicates that backscatter should
be suppressed.</p>
<p>'O' records indicate environment variable names and values
saved by the submit process.</p>
<h3>Queue directories</h3><code>$localstatedir/msgs</code>
contains the current message queue (messages not yet delivered).
The queue directory is organized as follows.
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